Surgical Paper Tapes

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This paper tape, popularly known as Anipore and Anipore+, is an extremely popular, comfortable, soft and flexible microporous tape. It is gentle to the skin, adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal.

The applications of the Aniket microporous tape, include fixation of dressing, tubing, osteomy pouches in post-surgical care.
  • The microporous tape comes in two variants - Anipore and Anipore+.
  • The Aniket microporous tape (Paper Tape) is made from microporous, non-woven acrylic fabric.
  • The Aniket microporous tape (Paper Tape) is safe to use as it is uniformly coated with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant adhesive. It is suitable on sensitive body parts, for infants as well as adults
  • The Aniket microporous tape (Paper Tape) is also easy to peel off without causing discomfort or skin irritation.
  • High porosity of the microporous tape (Paper Tape) allows skin to breathe, and offers high resistance to water and vapour that prevents the microporous tape from peeling off.
  • The Aniket microporous tape (Paper Tape) is manufactured as per the British Pharmacopia (BP) guidelines.
Size Carton Size Gross Weight
1/2', 1',2' x 9.1mtr 440 x 405 x 285 mm 15kg
3'x 9.1 mtr 510 x 305 x 335 mm 15kg
1/2', 1',2'x 5.0mtr 390 x 340 x 285 mm 10.1kg
3'x5.0mtr 430 x 270 x 335 mm 10.1kg